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Chapter 814 It's All True The person Bianca didn't want to hurt in this situation was Zane. However, when she received the test results and saw the data from the test she had personally witnessed, she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

Her heart was in turmoil.

While in the car, Bianca's phone vibrated. She answered without even looking at the number.

"Hello?" "Bia!" Natalie's voice came from the other end of the phone, and Bianca felt her world instantly collapsed. She trembled all over, feeling shaken.

She said to Natalie, "Nat, if I had confronted Cedric back then, would I still have met Malcolm?" At that time, Cedric had used her to threaten Natalie. Natalie wanted to lessen the number of things she worried about, so she sent Bianca to Simeria. Little did she know, this led to Bianca meeting Malcolm.

After Bianca finished speaking, Natalie's breathing became heavier.

Bia" The guilty tone in Natalie's voice made Bianca instantly sober.

"Sorry, I forgot. Even if I hadn't gone to Simeria, he would have found me," Bianca said in a softer tone.

But this softness made Natalie realize

that something was wrong with her.

"Bia, what happened?" "It's all true." Natalie fell silent.

What was all true? For a moment, Natalie didn't understand Bianca's words. After all, she had no idea how chaotic Simeria was now.

Zane had recently become the head of the Entes family, and he had several important matters to attend to. Many people who had supported him before now required his assistance. To maintain their trust and support, it was only natural to offer them important positions. For example, he offered the Holly family the position of

the queen.

So, what did Bianca's decision mean to Seraphine? Before Natalie could ask Bianca what she meant, Bianca continued, "My mother is really alive!" Natalie initially wanted to comfort Bianca, but when she heard her words, she knew... that Bianca was really in trouble now! Bianca never allowed herself to make mistakes. She was that way at work and even more of a perfectionist when it came to herself and, now... her mother! After a long while of silence, Natalie finally said, "I'll ask Austin to help you find out who it is." The crucial point now was Bianca's

mother. Bianca could only regain her freedom once they found out who her mother was.

""He just wants me to have a hard time," Bianca said.

Natalie was already worried about Bianca, and now she felt it even more.

However, there wasn't anything she could say.

""Nat, there's nothing you can do to help me." Despite the chaos in Bianca's world, she knew things between her and Malcolm would continue even if Natalie helped her find her mother.

When Natalie heard her words, she grew solemn. "Bia, are you going to let him control you forever?" "Of course not, Do I look like someone

like that?" At this moment, Bianca's tone carried a hint of danger.

Natalie's heart skipped a beat when she heard Bianca's tone.

Bianca would never allow anyone to bind her in such a way. If what Bianca did to Malcolm before was playing with fire, then what Malcolm was doing to Bianca now was no different! When Malcolm suppressed her to such an extent, Bianca could still cling to Zane and free herself.

So now that Malcolm was grabbing onto Bianca's weak spot, Bianca wouldn't just sit back and take it! From this perspective, who knew what chaos awaited these two?

Natalie's mind was blank as she hung up Bianca's call. She was already worried about Bianca, and now she was even more anxious. She didn't even notice when Austin appeared behind her.

When he wrapped his arms around her, Natalie felt a familiar warmth, and for amoment, her heart calmed down slightly. πœπ¨π¦πžπ—»π¨π―πžπ—Ή.𝐜𝐨𝐦

She didn't know when it started, but she had gradually become accustomed to having Austin by her side.

"When did you get back?" "Just now. What's on your mind? I could tell from the moment I walked in that you were feeling down." Austin's tone was gentle and tinged with a hint of indulgence.

Natalie sighed. "It's Bianca!" Just mentioning Bianca made Natalie's tone even heavier, and she couldn't conceal her concern.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

"Maybe what happened to Bianca really was my fault!" Although Bianca said that even if she hadn't gone to Simeria, Malcolm would have found her eventually because of Faye, perhaps everything would have been different if Malcolm had visited Verde City first.

Austin tightened his arms around Natalie when he felt her gloomy mood.

"What happened between her and Malcolm is not something you can interfere with." " " Even so, things were now...!

There were too many possibilities in this world, and sending Bianca to Simeria accelerated her confrontation with all of this ahead of time! Before Natalie could say anything, Austin said, "Malcolm has suffered quite a loss with her this time. He won't let her off easily." ""Aloss? Isn't that position something all the Entes family men have the right to inherit? Isn't it a matter of skill?" Since everyone had the right to obtain it, it was all fair game! How could that be considered a loss?! When Natalie looked at Austin, she realized things were probably not as simple as she had thought.

Sure enough, Austin solemnly said,

"Zane's methods this time were ruthless. Malcolm and Icarus were the most unruly among all the siblings, but they've lost quite a few people because of Zane." "What do you mean?" Seeing the seriousness in the man's eyes, Natalie's mind went blank momentarily, clearly not understanding what he meant. But in an instant, she seemed to have an answer.

Her heart raced, and she paled! What? Hadn't Zane always been...

Been what? In this instant, Natalie shattered all her assumptions about Zane deep in her


Were there any simple people in the Entes family? Zane's lying low at Regal Horizons International in the past could have been a temporary measure. So, everything he displayed before may have simply been a facade.

In recent years, Malcolm's methods have been ruthless. Since that was the case, imagining how vicious Icarus might also have been was easy.

Perhaps there were many other things unknown to them!

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