A Divorce After My Rebirth

A Divorce After My Rebirth

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    Read A Divorce After My Rebirth by Gentle Rain in June by Gentle Rain in June. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here

    Read A Divorce After My Rebirth by Gentle Rain in June. Genre: Romance...A Divorce After My Rebirth novel pdf free download.

    Artist: Natalie Walker

    Natalie Walker, lying weakly on a messy and luxurious bed after a passionate encounter with Cedric Johnson, declares that she wants a divorce. She expresses her disgust over Cedric’s actions during their intimate encounter, revealing a sense of desolation. Despite having loved Cedric for ten years, Natalie feels that there’s nothing left to cherish. Cedric, in response to Natalie’s decision, pauses abruptly and coldly questions the idea of divorce.

    Natalie, determined to end the marriage, attempts to move towards the bathroom but rejects Cedric’s offer of help, expressing her aversion to him. Cedric’s expression darkens as he grapples with Natalie’s rejection. After washing herself vigorously, Natalie decides to go to the clerk’s office to file for divorce, and she confronts Cedric about it. Cedric, angered by Natalie’s decision, grabs her collar and questions how she will survive without him. Natalie, undeterred, states that anything is better than being with him.

    Natalie reflects on the ten years she spent with Cedric, recounting seven years of dating and three years of marriage, emphasizing the twisted and despicable nature of their relationship. She accuses Cedric of taking her eyes to save another woman and expresses her desire to leave the suffering caused by their marriage. Cedric dismisses her claims and walks away, leaving Natalie drained and alone, reflecting on her true self. The situation is fraught with tension and the emotional aftermath of a tumultuous relationship...

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